Tree-Maps are very useful Data Visualization techniques. The Map below shows the stocks in S&P500 categorized according to industry sector.  The SIZE represents the Market Capital and the COLOR scale represents the real-time stock % performance. 

It’s still a Bear market now….but fortunately the three big boys (APPL Apple , AMZN Amazon & MSFT Microsoft) are saving the market from a major correction.  Also you might have noticed how large companies like GE and WMT-Walmart are now “small boys” as compared to the Tech/Internet giants.  Sometimes stocks have “sector rotation” where investors move from one sector to another. Seems like Financial stocks are in rather bad shape now lead by the huge dip with WFC – Wells Fargo. 

I am just using an implementation of Tree-Maps in the stock market as an example. Think about how useful such visualization can do for your business analytics and decision making.

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